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PFI 2011 Convocation Videos

Relive or enjoy for the first time some of the memorable events of the PF World Convocation held in Toronto, Canada, in June 2011. Click on the names below to watch the videos.


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 Opening Ceremonies - 28 June 2011

PF World Convocation Opening Ceremonies featuring talks by PFI President Ron Nikkel, Bishop William McGratten, Archdiocese of Toronto, and Rev. Rick Burk, Director General of Chaplaincy Services of Correctional Services Canada.


Chuck Colson - 28 June 2011

The founder of Prison Fellowship in the US, Chuck Colson offers an introductory address on the opening night of Convocation.


Jane Williams - 29 June 2011

A theologian and freelance writer, Dr. Jane Williams has published a variety of Christian works and she teaches Christian doctrine at St. Paul's Theological Centre in London.


Theary Seng - 29 June 2011

 A human rights activist, author, lawyer, and founder of the Cambodian Centre for Justice and Reconciliation, Theary Seng wrote about her experience in “Memoir: Daughter of the Killing Fields” in 2005.


John Rucyahana - 29 June 2011

Retired Anglican Bishop John Rucyahana serves as President of the National Unity and Reconciliation Commission in Rwanda and as the Board Chairperson of PF Rwanda.


 Philip Yancey - 30 June 2011

Philip Yancey, author, journalist, and speaker, is a featured columnist and editor-at-large for Christianity Today magazine.


Andrew Skotnicki - 1 July 2011

A popular and energetic lecturer on the necessity of love and justice in the criminal justice system, Dr. Skotnicki is the chairperson of the religious studies
department at Manhattan College in New York.


Timothy Khoo - 2 July 2011

As PFI's Executive Vice President, Timothy Khoo oversees PFI's Institute for Leadership Formation (ILF), which is based in the Singapore secretariat.


Ronald W. Nikkel - 2 July 2011

As President and CEO, Ronald Nikkel oversees more than 100 Prison Fellowship national ministries. He has also authored two books, "Your Journey With Jesus" and "Radical Love in a Broken World."


Mike Timmis - 2 July 2011

Chairman of PFI's Board of Directors, Mike Timmis is an an attorney and businessman and author of "Between Two Worlds."





Becoming What You Admire, Reflecting on Jesus with Norm Allen

- 29 June 2011

The president of Touchstone Ministries, Norm Allen, leads a morning reflection with Margaret Currie (Executive Director, PF Mongolia) Gabor Roszik ( Board Chairperson, PF Hungary) and Mark Hardy (Chaplin and PF staff Jamaica).


Becoming What You Admire, Reflecting on Jesus with Norm Allen

- 30 June 2011

Norm Allen's morning reflections continue with Naomi Agram (Board Member, PF Ghana) Stephen Lee (PFI Board member), Ana Karina Bisono, (PFI Regional Liaison, Latin America).


Becoming What You Admire, Reflecting on Jesus with Norm Allen

- 1 July 2011

Norm Allen's morning reflections continue with Hans Barendrecht (Executive Director, PF Netherlands), Dinesh Neupane, (Executive Director, PF Nepal), Patrick Tutella (Executive Director Orthodox Christian Prison Ministries (OCPM)).


Becoming What You Admire, Reflecting on Jesus with Norm Allen

- 2 July 2011

Norm Allen's morning reflections continue with Donna Royer Powe (PF Jamaica), Roy Moussalli (PFI Envoy for the Middle East), Jeanette Castillo (Board Chairperson, PF Costa Rica).






CBC Radio announcer Judy Maddren interviews the people behind the Prison Fellowship International movement.


29 June 2011: Judy Maddren Interviews Sally Graham of PF Australia.


 29 June 2011: Judy Maddren Interviews Ida Drameh, Board Member, PF The Gambia.


30 June 2011: Judy Maddren interviews Fr. John Kowalczyk, Chaplain, SCI Waymart (Forensic Unit), and Pastor of St. Michael's Orthodox Church, Pennsylvania. 


30 June 2011: Judy Maddren interviews Marcella Reni, Board Chairperson, PF Italy; and David Way, State Executive Director, PF Queensland.


1 July 2011: Judy Maddren interviews Kevin Denholm, film director with Exposure who produced the many PFI videos shown at Convocation.


 1 July 2011: Judy Maddren interviews Chris Chevalier of PF New Zealand.



Closing Ceremony Interview

2 July 2011: PFI's Ron Nikkel interviews Paul Cowley, Executive Director of Alpha for Prisons, Caring for Ex-Offenders, and John Thompson, Executive Director of Kairos Prison Ministry International (KPMI) about the partnership between PFI and these organizations.


 To read a summary of all the events of PFI's 2011 Convocation, click here for the Convocation Edition of Global Link



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