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About the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation

The Centre for Justice and Reconciliation is the justice reform programme of Prison Fellowship International. It has internationally-recognised expertise in restorative justice, and focuses on building local capacity and knowledge primarily through work with Prison Fellowship national affiliates.

Mission and Vision
  • The mission of the Centre is to assist Prison Fellowship national affiliates to develop and promote restorative justice around the world.
  • The vision of the Centre is that one day restorative justice will be the normal way of responding to crime throughout the world.

Past Centre Activities. A way of understanding the Centre's work is to observe what it has done in the past. This section reviews several key projects undertaken by the Centre, as well as annual reports of its activities since 2003.

Other Centre Programmes and Services. In addition to the Centre's work with Prison Fellowship national affiliates, it has developed the Syamcore Tree Project as an in-prison restorative justice programme available to PF national affiliates. It also maintains Restorative Justice Online, a highly-ranked website on the topic. It is engaged in a multi-year project to design a model criminal justice system that could respond to all crimes, all victims and all offenders as restoratively as possible. It joins with other NGOs with mutual interests in raising awareness of problems in the criminal justice system and promoting solutions to those problems. While operating within the Christian tradition, the Centre seeks common ground, dialogue and collaboration with people from all backgrounds and traditions.

Meet the Centre Staff

Intern with the Centre for Justice and Reconciliation. CJR provides several research based internship opportunities.

Contact Us:

Centre for Justice and Reconciliation
PO Box 17434
Washington, DC 20041
Telephone: 1-703-481-0000
Fax: 1-703-481-0003

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