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Strengthening Connections with the Prison Service in Zimbabwe

Recently, PF Zimbabwe (PFZ) sponsored a one-day joint workshop for PFZ volunteers and board members and several representatives from the Prison Service including social workers, religious workers, rehabilitation officers and psychologists.

The workshop sought to compare the mission statements of the two organizations and develop strategies for cooperating on their main goal of rehabilitation of offenders. During the workshop participants reflected on prisoners’ needs, obstacles faced by the Prison Service, and assistance that PFZ can offer. The group also drafted a resolution covering various topics such as

  • joint workshops to be held quarterly
  • recognition of society’s role in the rehabilitation of prisoners
  • government consideration of open prison status for female prisoners
  • revision of government employment act not to discriminate against prisoners
  •  Abolition of the death penalty
  • Provision of a decent burial for prisoners



April 2008

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