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The Church has a calling to reach out to the least in society and to work to bring about change in the lives of criminals, victims, and the justice system. Involve your church today. PFI is an ecumenical organization and works with a variety of different churches according to their structure, priorities, and resources.
Business Partners
Business partners can play a large role in advancing the efficiency and the reach of Prison Fellowship International's work. PFI offers an opportunity for your company to partner with a national ministry that is pursuing specialized efforts that are of particular interest to your organisation.
Medical Professionals
One way PFI expresses the love of Christ to prisoners is through the Global Assistance Programme (GAPP) consisting of one or two week projects in which volunteers provide medical care and other services to prisoners, prison staff and their families. These projects offer medical and non-medical volunteers an opportunity to serve “the least of these.”
Week of Prayer
Prison Fellowship ministries around the world join together in prayer and action for all those affected by crime through PFI’s Week of Prayer. Local churches are encouraged to pray and participate in related outreach and support projects during the week that focus on the respective needs and roles of prison chaplains, prisoners, prison officials, ex-prisoners, their families and crime victims as well as the cause of justice.
Combined Federal Campaign
Prison Fellowship participates in this campaign through Christian Service Charities (CSC), an organization that represents Christian charities in workplace fund-raising drives. PFI's CFC number is 10991
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