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Prisoners' Families
Often families with a loved one in prison undergo isolation, prejudice and emotional trauma. In addition, there are physical needs that often become impossible to meet when a family member is incarcerated. PFI supports the inmate's family, with special focus on children and spouses.
Faith-based Prison Units
Communities of Restoration are an alternative approach to prisoner rehabilitation and prison management. COR is a values-based re-entry programme which starts in the prison but then walks with the participant during the difficult transition back into the community by providing mentoring and support.
Restorative Justice
PFI programs are based on the theory of restorative justice. With the goal of healing broken relationships, the programs work to repair the damage done by crime and restore the offender to a meaningful role in society.
Death Penalty
PFI's Board and Secretariat have taken a position opposing the use of the death penalty. This does not necessarily represent that of particular PF national affiliates since, being self-governing, they may take their own positions.
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