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What is Mercy?
The answer is given here, through the words of prisoners, ex-prisoners and volunteers as they bear witness to the transforming power of Jesus Christ's love.
Stories of Mercy: New Zealand
PF's Sycamore Tree Project in New Zealand exposes offenders to the consequence of their crime, and victims are helped in the healing process.
Purchase Available Videos
Information on how you can order a PFI DVD in Pal or NTSC format.
PF Nicaragua
Seeing them as easy targets, drug dealers lure desperate women into trafficking drugs. Once jailed their families fall apart. Now a former drug lord is helping PF repair lives and families both inside and outside of prison.
PF Russia
Two former hardline Communist prison officials now lead PF Russia in a committment to impact every prison in the country.
PF Malawi
They call Malawi the "warm heart of Africa," but poverty and HIV/AIDS have stretched it to the breaking point and the prisons are no exception. PF Malawi has recognized that for these prisoners, education is a lifeline.
PF Cambodia
PF Cambodia's Blue Gate Halfway House is reuniting families and rebuilding communities.
PF Benin
Overcrowding and inhumane conditions have taken a terrible toll on prisoners in Benin. The medical help and free legal assistance provided by PF is not only giving hope, it is literally saving lives.
PF Fiji
A failed coup and mutiny resulted in former Fijian soldiers banished to an island prison. PF Fiji volunteers knew it would be a real challenge to give fresh hope to these men, but they are seeing amazing turnarounds.
PF Bolivia--children in prison
PF Bolivia's Angel Tree Centre is giving hope and education to children struggling to survive in an adult prison.
Ron Nikkel's speech at PFI's 2007 Convocation
Can love coexist with justice? Where do love and justice meet in a world of crime and punishment? PFI President Ron Nikkel addresses this topic in his speech to Prison Fellowship representatives from around the world at PFI's 2007 Convocation.
PF Colombia
It was once the most violent and dangerous prison in the world, but is now completely transformed. See the story of Bellavista prison in Medellin, Colombia and Prison Fellowship at work there.
Ron Nikkel on 100 Huntley
PFI President Ron Nikkel appears on the Canadian broadcast 100 Huntley.
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