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Stories from North America and the Caribbean

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Study offers cost-benefit analysis of the InnerChange Freedom Initiative
In an article published in the International Journal of Criminology and Sociology, Grant Duwe and Byron R. Johnson provide an estimate of both re-offense cost savings from and tax contributions of graduates from the InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI) in the state of Minnesota.
PF Bahamas Celebrates their Second Sycamore Tree Project®
On 22 November 2012, six prisoners in HMP Fox Hill and six victims of crime met with community members to share about their experiences in the Sycamore Tree Project®. The final celebration event featured a meal, speeches by government officials, and discussions of what the programme is.
PF Bahamas launches the Sycamore Tree Project®
On 3 November, PF Bahamas held the first session of the Sycamore Tree Project®(STP) after six months of preparatory work. As a part of the programme launch, the national ministry, along with the Bahamas Prison Service, hosted an opening ceremony attended by the Commissioner of Prisons and the Minister for Social Development. With permission of the six victim and six prisoner participants, several press organisations also sent representatives to the opening ceremony.
Creating Business Plans for a Better Future in Texas
The InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI) at the Carol Vance Unit in Richmond Texas offers participants many opportunities to build habits and skills to help them reintegrate into their communities. Among these is the Business Plan Competition, now in its eighth year.
New report on reincarceration rates of IFI Texas graduates
In April, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice released a report highlighting the two- and three-year recidivism rates of prisoners who completed one of nine different rehabilitation programmes during the 2007 fiscal year, including the Innerchange Freedom Initiative (IFI). With one exception, each of the programmes showed lower recidivism rates compared to a matched comparison group.
Prison Should Not Include Rape
Prison Fellowship in the United States advocates for legislation to adopt rape elimination standards in U.S. prisons.
PF Bermuda Explores Transformative Learning
Sheridan Scotton plays role in establishing a breakout group on restorative justice at a November international conference focusing on "Reframing Social Sustainability in a Multicultural World."
Recent News from IFI
The InnerChange Freedom Initiative continues to operate in five U.S. states, serving both male and female prisoners. Currently, it is working toward its goal of becoming fully self-funding by the end of 30 June 2011. To this end IFI staff and volunteers from all the IFI programmes recently attended a two-day training session on local fundraising strategies.
Inner Change for Freedom for Belize Turns Six
On 11 February 2009, the Inner Change Freedom for Belize (IFFB) programme celebrates its 6th anniversary. The 18-month programme operating at the Belize central prison provides participants a structured environment in which to learn new ways of thinking and life skills.
Connecting Children and Incarcerated Fathers in Texas
In October 2007, the InnerChange Freedom Initiative (IFI) in Texas began a new programme called Storybook Dads. Managed by current inmates, this programme allows men in prison to record their voices reading children’s books.

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