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Prison Fellowship Angola, chartered in 2009, serves the prison community in the capital Luanda and the provinces of Bengo and Kwanza North. PF Angola addresses the country's high recidivism rate (70%) in a prison population of over 16,000 by running a literacy programme that combines moral and civic education alongside spiritual education. Transforming lives is at the heart of PF Angola's work.
Prison Fellowship Benin was founded in 1993 with a focus on the personal suffering of prisoners. With a prison population of nearly 7000 all prison facilities suffer from severe overcrowding, a lack of proper sanitation and medical facilities, malnuitrition and disease. PF Benin's focus has consequently been to fulfill the physical requirements of all prisoners. In addition PF Benin brings prisoners and their families hope by working to fulfill spiritual needs. Bringing the Word of God to the prisons has been a large part of PF Benin's mission. In 2009 PF Benin received France's State Secretary for Human Rights who was shown, along with Benin's Minister of Justice, the PF Benin workshops and other projects which have been funded by France.
PF Botswana was founded in 1983 with the vision of changing lives. Since then, the organisation has significantly contributed in the area of rehabilitation, helping inmates as well as the surrounding communities. PF Botswana, with the assistance of close to 200 caring volunteers, has also held workshops and programmes for both inmates and the public. In Botswana there are over 5000 prisoners, and PF hopes to expand their work to reach more inmates in the future.
Burkina Faso
PF Burkina Faso was chartered in 2002 and currently serves 11 prisons. With the help of its 60 dedicated volunteers, PF Burkina Faso provides both spiritual and humanitarian outreach. This outreach is also extended to the children of prisoners in the form of school kits. PF Burkina Faso is planning to create a center for peace and development at the Prison of Manga which will contribute greatly to the restoration of human dignity and to vocational training.
Chartered in 2009, PF Burundi responds to the spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. In February 2010 the Burundi government invited PF Burundi to be a part of a newly formed pardon board to address the overcrowding in the prisons following a prison riot by inmates.
In 1994, Pastor Asobo George, who was once incarcerated himself, brought the idea of Prison Fellowship to the attention of others as a means of prison reform as well as prisoner reform. Since its conception, PF Cameroon has made great progress in encouraging prisoners to become active in profitable occupations rather than returning to a life of crime. The organisation, with the help of over 300 volunteers, has also increased levels of spiritual awareness among prisoners, opened a tailoring workshop in Buea, and provided counseling to inmates.
Central African Republic
PF Central African Republic was founded in 1994 and currently serves 16 prisons throughout the country. The ministry provides help and healing to prisoners and their families through Angel Tree, reconciliation programmes for prisoners and victims, education, and restorative justice programs.
Cote D'Ivoire
After reading the testimony of Mr. Charles Colson, one unjustly incarcerated man was inspired to create a national ministry. So, in 1989, PF Cote d’Ivoire was founded. The organisation has helped many churches form their own inmate-oriented ministries as well as improve prison conditions for inmates in the 12 prisons it serves.
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Prison Fellowship DRC was chartered in 1991 and is a transformation of a Non-Governmental Organization called “Friends of the Prisoners,” created in 1970. The ministry of prisons in the Congo grew by showing astounding achievements despite being severely tested by the bloody regime of the late Mobutu. Its largest programme is the training of relief administrators for the national prison ministry. PF DRC's work encompasses 222 official prisons and 1,412 private detention centers. In 2010, PF DRC reconstructed the medical facilities of Matadi Central Prison, and is now delivering a regular supply of vegetable products to the prisoners.
PF Ethiopia was chartered in 1992, and currently serves 90 prisons. With the help of some 3,000 volunteers, programmes such as Angel Tree, vocational training, education for prisoners, and restorative justice are available. In 2009, PF Ethiopia received the International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) award for management and training of prison officers.
PF Ghana is a non-denominational Christian charity working with prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. For the past 26 years , PFG has strived to offer many programmes for the incarcerated, including legal assistance, evangelization, restorative justice, and Angel Tree. PF Ghana currently serves 26 prisons with the help of over 255 volunteers.
Chartered in 2001, PF Guinea-Conakry provides spiritual and physical outreach. With the help of some 80 volunteers, many programmes are offered, including mentoring, legal assistance, vocational training, and education for prisoners. But, PF also makes in-kind contributions to improve the prison conditions for prisoners and prison staff.
Prison Fellowship Kenya was founded in 1985 and has been able to provide tremendous help to prisoners for the past 20 years. Over 20,000 prisoners have found healing with the help of programmes like Angel Tree, Aftercare, and material assistance. PF Kenya has also worked to inform the public and government about poor prison conditions.
PF Lesotho is a non-denominational Christian charity working with prisoners and their families since 2001. PF Lesotho provides outreach and support with the assistance of dedicated volunteers. Mentoring, legal assistance, restorative justice programmes, and evangelization have given tremendous relief to inmates. In 2009, PF Lesotho sponsored a training event on restorative justice for members of the Lesotho Correctional Service.
Chartered in 1989, PF Liberia seeks to provide help and healing for prisoners throughout the country. With the help of volunteers, education and restorative justice programs, mentoring, and legal assistance are available to inmates. In addition, PF Liberia is active adn successful in seeking the release of pre-trial detainees in Liberia through its mediation programme run in partnership with East-West Management Institute. A newsletter is sent out twice a year relaying important information and achievements from the 12 prisons served.
Founded in 1989, PF Madagascar continues to minister to the emotional, spiritual, and physical needs of prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. The vision of the ministry in Madagascar is for prisoners to be model citizens once they are released. Educational programmes, legal assistance, and evangelization are available for prisoners through the hardwork and devotion of PFM volunteers. PF has made great strides in improving the welfare of inmates.
PF Malawi reaches out to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families with the love of Christ. Chartered in 2001, PFM has been expanding their programmes and services over the years. The ministry provides mentoring programmes, Angel Tree, and vocational training. But, PF Malawi recognized that for prisoners, education is a lifeline; a PF sponsored education programme has grown to provide educational assistance to prisoners in four maximum security and three medium security prisons. In addition, PF Malawi opened a halfway house to assist ex-prisoners in the transition from prison to community life. The New Hope Magazine is published twice a year, letting others know of the achievements in the 18 prisons PF Malawi serves.
PF Mali was created in 2005 and serves inmates in the areas of reform and rehabilitation. The organization offers many programs, including material and legal assistance for prisoners, assistance to victims, and evangelization. These programs are made possible by the help and dedication of over 60 volunteers.
Founded in 2005, PF Mauritius offers aid and reform assistance to inmates and prisons. With the help of volunteers, mentoring, educational and bereavment programs, in addition to Angel Tree are available to the 2,300 prisoners served.
PF Mozambique recently held a Global Assistance Project to care for sick and injured inmates. In partnership with Humedica, PF provided medical care to 2, 207 prisoners in 6 prisons. Recently, PF Mozambique arranged for a representative from PF Brazil to lead a series of seminars for the prison administration and others interested in PFI's APAC faith-based prison units and the positive impact they have had on recidivism. In May, PFI President Ron Nikkel visited with PF Mozambique and greeted prisoners in Machava Prison, the main prison in Maputo, the capital city.
PF Namibia has spread faith and hope through the prisons since its chartering in 1997. Many programs are offered, including Angel Tree and vocational training for inmates, which are made possible with the help of volunteers. PF Namibia's most recent program is centered around a halfway house which has been created to serve as a residential rehabilitation program for ex-prisoners. The annual newsletter, "Beyond Retribution," notifies readers of the organization's news and achievements.
Chartered in 2005, PF Niger supports prisoners' children through Angel Tree® and offers aid to foreign detainees, a large population in Niger's prisons. PF staff and volunteers visit prisoners in ten of the country's prisons, providing spiritual support and legal assistance.
PF Nigeria celebrates 20 years of service! PF Nigeria hosted a public seminar on the theme, "the church, crime, punishment and social change" at the International Conference Centre in Abuja on May 21, 2009. PFI President Ron Nikkel spoke at the conference which was attended by 300 individuals. The seminar was chaired by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Archbishop John Onaiyekan. Other speakers included Prof. C.K. Agomo, former Dean of Law, University of Lagos and Archbishop Sam Amaga, Chancellor, Salem University.
Prison Fellowship Rwanda launches a new website! The new site introduces the reader to the mission, leadership, and programmes of this vibrant organization. Just as importantly, the site also provides information on how to get involved with the diverse and life-changing work of PF Rwanda. Visit the website at
PF Senegal was founded in 2007 and currently serves 16 prisons around the country. Volunteers help organize many programs, including legal assistance, educational services for inmates, Angel Tree, and children and youth services to provide aid for those incarcerated and their families. A monthly report is published to provide insight into Prison Fellowship Senegal’s current news and achievements.
Sierra Leone
Prison Fellowship Sierra Leone seeks to restore all those affected by crime through prayer, practical action, and values-based programmes. Chartered in 1991, PF currently serves over 1,600 prisoners asisted by a dedicated gorup of volunteers. Educational and aftercare services for prisoners, children and youth programs for inmates’ families are key areas of service for PF. A monthly Prayer Calendar is published to help involve the community in positively changing the penal system and the welfare of its inmates.These people will one day be part of our community, stated Rev. Mrs. Femi Anthony, National Co-ordinator, Prison Fellowship Sierra Leone, “So the support and encouragement they receive from the community is crucial."
South Africa
In South Africa, the already high crime rate continues to escalate, making the work of Prison Fellowship all the more necessary. PF South Africa has implemented the Sycamore Tree Project® (STP)-- PFI's unique programme that brings together offenders with crime victims for faciliated discussions-- in 41 correctional centres across the country. Nearly 200 facilitators have been trained in this programme, which has proven remarkably effective in helping prisoners recognize and take responsibility for their own criminal behaviour. In May, PFI President Ron Nikkel visited PF South Africa representatives and participated in a historic conference with church leaders, including the Presiding Methodist Bishop, the Suffragen Anglican Bishop, and the head of the International Federation of Christian Churches. At the conclusion of the conference, the church leaders signed a statement endorsing PF and Alpha.
PF Swaziland recently welcomed PFI President Ron Nikkel who joined PF for a successful fundraising dinner. Ron also visited the Maximum Security Section of Matsapa Prison, where he addressed a crowd of nearly 100 prisoners who were very receptive to his message of hope.
PF Tanzania works to improve the health of inmates and advocates accelerating court procedures to alleviate long prison stays for those awaiting trial. They also provide services to inmates’ families and share the Gospel with inmates regularly.
Founded over 15 years ago, PF Togo continues to deliver aid and hope to inmates and their families. More than 200 volunteers organize and provide services for prisoners and their families, including Angel Tree, legal assistance, educational programs for prisoners and staff, and children and youth programs in all 11 of the nation's prisons.
The Gambia
PF Gambia holds a large Angel Tree celebration for the children of prisoners that includes a trip to an amusement park. PF volunteers and staff also cook a Christmas dinner for inmates in each of the country's three prisons. PF Gambia visits and cares for prisoners throughout the year as well as providing services for ex-prisoners.
PF Uganda was chartered in 1987 with the mission of responding to the physical and spiritual needs of inmates and their families. With the help of over 267 dedicated volunteers, lives have been and continue to be transformed. Material and legal assistance for prisoners, education programs, aftercare, Bible studies, and Angel Tree are provided to prisoners in 48 prisons throughout the country. PF is particularly proud of the Family Link program, created in 2004, which cares for the children left behind when parents go to prison. PF provides visits, counselling, shelter, education, and makes possible visits to the parents.
Prison Fellowship Zambia began helping prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families in 1985. Since that time, the staff and hundreds of volunteers have had a major impact on the lives of prisoners and their families. From material assitance, HIV programs, education, and aftercare for prisoners to food, clothing, and counselling service programs for their children and families, PFZ works diligently to transform individuals and reconcile families. PFZ is also dedicated to restoring communities; their reconciliation program (STP) has been instrumental to the success of many ex-offenders returning rehabilitated to their communities.
In Zimbabwe, a country with a failing economy where poverty and unemployment are widespread, it is the prisoners who suffer most. They are captive to disease and hunger and powerless to help themselves. PF Zimbabwe volunteers regularly bring food to the prisoners and are preparing for an upcoming medical outreach project with volunteer doctors from Humedica. In May, PFI President Ron Nikkel visited PF Zimbabwe and provided ministry leaders with the funds necessary to purchase blankets and mattresses for the suffering inmates in the prison infirmary.
The small country of Guinea-Bissau has fewer than 300 prisoners, but the prison conditions are deplorable. Despite limited resources and the nation's poverty, the founders of PF Guinea-Bissau have made progress in supporting prisoners and have gained official recognition from the government. PF Guinea-Bissau works in all of the country's 12 prisons, but focuses most of the work in 4 of the largest prisons.
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