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South Africa

Introduction and Recent News

In South Africa, the already high crime rate continues to escalate, making the work of Prison Fellowship all the more necessary. PF South Africa has implemented the Sycamore Tree Project® (STP)-- PFI's unique programme that brings together offenders with crime victims for faciliated discussions-- in 41 correctional centres across the country. Nearly 200 facilitators have been trained in this programme, which has proven remarkably effective in helping prisoners recognize and take responsibility for their own criminal behaviour. In May, PFI President Ron Nikkel visited PF South Africa representatives and participated in a historic conference with church leaders, including the Presiding Methodist Bishop, the Suffragen Anglican Bishop, and the head of the International Federation of Christian Churches. At the conclusion of the conference, the church leaders signed a statement endorsing PF and Alpha.

Other News

Tending deep wounds

In October, PF South Africa held its last scheduled Sycamore Tree Project® (STP) course for 2013 in Pretoria Women’s Correctional Centre. The 18 prisoners and six victims addressed many issues related to crime and the harm that it causes. For one, the programme offered an opportunity to address the deep wounds of racism and violence from her country’s past.

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Developing Dialogue in South Africa

In March 2013, the Department of Correctional Services invited the members of PF South Africa’s Sycamore Tree Project® (STP) team at Pretoria Female Centre to become part of the Victim Offender Dialogue Commission in their area. The team, having worked to facilitate dialogue between indirect victims and offenders over the last three years, will now help ten of those prisoner participants to meet directly with their victims to make amends. As a part of the commission, the PF South Africa team will help locate and prepare those crime survivors wishing to participate in the dialogues.

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New Perspective Leads to New Life

A self-professed "hard-boiled" prisoner learns to apologize after attending PF South Africa's victim/offender awareness programme. Read her story here.

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Characteristics of Effective Sycamore Tree Project® Facilitators

As Prison Fellowship national organisations seek to implement the Sycamore Tree Project®(STP), they ask, “Who should facilitate? What skills are required?”

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PF South Africa Engaging Churches through STP

From 12 to 15 July, Douw Grobler, PF South Africa executive director, conducted Sycamore Tree Project®training for 28 second year students at the Methodist seminary in Pietermaritzburg. The four day event included sessions on the impact of crime on society, restorative justice, the role of the church, each of the Sycamore Tree Project®sessions, and a prison visit.

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