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Introduction and Recent News

Chartered in 1991, Prison Fellowship Pakistan seeks justice, reconciliation, and restoration of broken relationships as a result of crime. PF Pakistan, a volunteer-based, trans-denominational organisation, works for the moral, spiritual, and physical well-being of prisoners, and also encourages offenders to serve a meaningful role in society. With the help of dedicated volunteers, PF Pakistan is active in cities across the country.

Other News

Building Income

PF Pakistan has created a skills programme that allows ex-prisoners and prisoners' wives an opportunity to earn money for their families.

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PF Pakistan's Arthur Wilson interviewed by BBC

PF Pakistan's Arthur Wilson tells the BBC's Pakistan viewers about PF's work in the prisons.

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PF Pakistan Holds Historic Conference

In a first for the largely Muslim nation of Pakistan, Prison Fellowship Pakistan arranged a conference for ex-prisoners, church chaplains, evangelists, ministers, laymen and volunteers to bring awareness and understanding of prison ministry.

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PF Pakistan Helps Change Law

It’s a change that could affect every Christian prisoner in Pakistan. On 4 August 2008, the Governor of the Punjab (the Punjab Province is the country’s most densely populated region) made an unprecedented and much-lauded amendment to the Pakistan Prison Rules of 1978 that allows non-Muslim prisoners to benefit from the same allowance for a remission in their sentences as Muslim prisoners enjoy.

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Promoting Restorative Justice in Pakistan

Recently, PF Pakistan sponsored an introductory seminar on prison ministry and restorative justice for 40 individuals from the NGO Caritas Pakistan. The seminar was a part of a larger PF Pakistan strategy to promote restorative justice in the country.

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Mailing Address

4 Charles Street, D Block Rehmanpura
Ferozpur Road
Lahore, Punjab, 54600 Pakistan

Affiliate Details

  • Executive Director: Arthur Wilson
  • Board Chairperson: Earnest N. Dulvy

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