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Our Work

National Affiliates

Prison Fellowship International is a global association of over 100 national Prison Fellowship organisations. These national Prison Fellowship organisations are indigenous, volunteer-based and trans-denominational. Because of this, PFI’s grassroots affiliates are of different sizes and have different strengths according to the cultural needs of the prisoners and organisation. The diverse and expansive body of PFI is composed of over 100,000 volunteers who work with strong conviction to effectively transform the lives of prisoners. Learn more

Justice and Reconciliation

Restorative justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by criminal behaviour. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that include all stakeholders. The Centre for Justice and Reconciliation is the criminal justice reform arm of PFI. Its purpose is to expand the use of restorative justice around the world. Learn more

Offender Transformation

Prison Fellowship International's Centre for Offender Transformation serves national affiliates with world class prison ministry programmes and best practices. Learn more

Leadership Formation

The Institute for Leadership Formation and Ministry Development at PFI works to affirm the calling to leadership and to enable these leaders to serve their respective PF organisations in the fulfilment of the Prison Fellowship International mission and vision. Through intentional leadership formation, ILF focuses on the leader’s relationships, spiritual, and personal life in order to create an effective leader within the organisation. Learn more

Communities of Restoration (APAC)

Many prison environments embody a culture of drug abuse, violence, and criminality that prevents prisoners from changing and growing. Faith-based prisons, however, promote lasting rehabilitation. Based on the Brazilian model know as APAC, national PF organisations are adapting their own faith-based prisons or “Communities of Restoration.” Learn more

Global Assistance Programme and Partners

One way PFI expresses the love of Christ to prisoners is through the Global Assistance Programme consisting of one or two week projects in which volunteers provide medical care and other services to prisoners, prison staff and their families. These projects offer medical and non-medical volunteers an opportunity to serve “the least of these.” Learn more

Sycamore Tree Project ®

Through the PFI Centre for Justice and Reconciliation, restorative justice is put into action through a faith-based programme that brings victims into prisons to meet with unrelated offenders. The groups discuss issues related to crime and its consequences. This unique victim/offender mediation programme has had a dramatic effect on participating prisoners. A recent survey of more than 2,000 prisoner participants showed an improvement in their empathy toward crime victims and their recognition of the harm their individual offences have caused, as well as a decreased sense that crime is worth the cost. Learn more

Angel Tree®

Prison Fellowship ministries all over the world provide Christmas gifts and support to the needy children of prisoners throughout PFI’s Angel Tree® program. In addition to the popular Christmas program, Angel Tree® includes a variety of year-round events such as camping and mentoring projects designed to help these innocent victims of crime and prevent them from becoming involved in crime when they grow up. Learn more

Week of Prayer for Prisons

PFI's Week of Prayer brings together PF staff and volunteers with local churches and individuals for a special week of prayer and action. The prayer theme changes annually. Learn more

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