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National Affiliates

There are over 110 Prison Fellowship ministries throughout the world.  These Prison Fellowship organizations are indigenous, volunteer-based and trans-denominational. Together these ministries benefit from the hard work and devotion of more than 50,000 volunteers who are dedicated to improving the spiritual, moral, social and physical well-being of prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families and victims of crime. The ministries are bound together in a vision and mission of breaking the cycle of crime by introducing prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families to Jesus Christ.

Prison Fellowship ministries are a reconciling community of restoration for all those involved in and affected by crime, thereby proclaiming and demonstrating the redemptive power and transforming love of Jesus Christ for all people.

PF Kenya


Because these national organizations are self-governed, self-funded and volunteer-based, the individual organisations decide their priorities. Each ministry caters to the needs of their individual country. But, all ministries reach out to prisoners; they work with prison chaplains and local churches to care for prisoners.

PF ministries provide a variety of in-prison services, including:  prison visitation, in-prison Bible studies, seminars, mentoring, educational training, work-skills and life-skills training, and counseling.
Prisoners in developing nations are often not given basic necessities such as food and clothing.  In such countries PF provides needed aid. This could take the form of food, clothes, books, blankets, or even hygiene items.

A large number of our ministries work with prison staff and justice officials to improve conditions in the prisons.  From freeing remand prisoners to rectifying human rights violations inside the prison walls, PF organizations work tirelessly for justice inside prisons.

With the help of volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists and optometrists, some of our Prison Fellowship ministries are helping to care for prisoners who do not have access to medical care.  PFI’s Global Assistance Program mobilizes volunteer medical personnel to provide medical treatment to suffering prisoners around the world and offer technical assistance that leads to long-term and sustained solutions in the prisons.

A growing number of our affiliates are encouraging faith-based prisons. Many prison environments embody a culture of drug abuse, violence, and criminality that prevents prisoners from changing and growing. Faith-based prisons, however, promote lasting rehabilitation. Based on the Brazilian model know as APAC, national PF organisations are adapting their own faith-based prisons or “Communities of Restoration.”

PF Colombia

But, PF ministries do not stop caring for the prisoner once he is released.  Our ministries also support the ex-prisoner. They help them receive the re-entry support they desperately need by connecting them with supportive groups and churches on the outside. Job training, micro-lending programmes, residential care and other assistance from PF helps recently released inmates become productive and responsible members of their communities.

PF Bolivia

Prisoners are not the only ones affected by their crime. PF ministries are concerned about children and families who are separated and sometimes abandoned by the imprisonment of a loved one. Children and families are often the most unseen and neglected victims of crime. All over the world, thousands of children are incarcerated with their parent because there is no one to care for them, or they are abandoned to the streets.  This is why the majority of PF ministries have programs that serve and support the children of prisoners. PF programs include Angel Tree, family visitations, youth camps, drug and crime prevention programs, and special residential homes.

One important and growing emphasis at many ministries is the reconciling of victims and offenders. PF seeks to help offenders recognize and take responsibility for the impact of their actions on victims and the community. PFI's Sycamore Tree Project®  brings groups of victims and offenders together in a journey towards repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation.  

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